About US

How'd We Get Here

In 2016, we started on a journey to ask Black men all about dating and relationships. We coined ourselves #askaguy and began asking as many men as we could find, as many questions as we could think of. It was cool at first and each of us learned a lot from our misadventures, but we got burned out pretty fast. We learned quickly that most men aren’t interested in sharing, why they don’t call women back. Frustrated and somewhat tired we took a break to reexamine our content. Obviously, we needed to change gears we just weren’t sure to what.

The week Alston Sterling and Philadro Castillo were murdered changed our conversation. Heart broken and angry we knew we couldn’t sit back as unfathomable acts of violence kept happening to our brothers and sisters. After tossing around lots of ideas, we ultimately came up with the aesthetic you see now. #LovelettersToBrothers started and continues as a message of love, peace, and justice for all, not some, ALL.

We hope to be catalyst for the change we want to see in our world. Stand with us as uplift and rebuild the images we see of Black men and Black people. We recognize we cannot fix all the issues, but we know standing together our voices are much louder.


Join the cause. Spread the love